• Course
  • 13-19 years
  • 3D
  • International Certificate

Creating 3D Graphics with Blender

Creation of models and special effects for games, cinema and advertising for the prestigious profession of the future
9 months
18 projects
1 time per week

The process of mastering 3D allows you to develop spatial thinking. Gives useful engineering and technical skills. It teaches how to correctly build a sequence of steps and the logic of interaction.

At the same time, it remains an interesting and exciting process, which, right before our eyes, turns into something more than just a sketch of a drawing.

Course Program
1 block
During the first block, students will get acquainted with the Blender program.They will master the basic tools and start advanced modeling.
3 months
3 modules
12 projects
18 hours
2 block
In the second block, the basics of texturing and composition will be studied. Also In this module, we will study rendering and lighting. Students will create realistic textures.
2 months
2 modules
6 projects
12 hours
3 block
The third block will be devoted to acquaintance with sculpting. The students will learn what brushes are, and also learn how to work with curves and masks.
2 months
2 modules
5 projects
12 hours
4 block
In the fourth block, students will learn how to animate stuff using keyframes and drivers. They will also get acquainted with the work of physics in Blender.
2 months
2 modules
8 projects
12 hours
Already at a free trial lesson, the students will create their first real 3D model
How the training is conducted:
Interactive lessons that consist theory and practical tasks to keep the interest and involvement of children.
No more than 9 people are in one group, which allows the teacher to devote the right amount of time to each child.
During the lesson, the teacher simultaneously sees the screens of all students and can help in the early stages.
International Tournament

Every summer we hold an international tournament with the support of Wargaming.net.

The jury of the competition are experts from the industry: art directors and developers.

  • 1 place 250 euro
  • 2 place 150 euro
  • 3 place 100 euro
Tournament 2020

In 2020, 2D pictures by a famous designer were selected, and our guys created 3D versions based on them.

For more than two hours they defended projects, communicated and shared their experience.

Online Tournament 2021

In 2021, the best projects in the Blender 3D nomination prepared by students specifically for RobolabChallenge2021 were presented.

For the first time, the competition was held online, on a virtual platform-stage. The theme of the competition was Steampunk animals.

Participants of the competition competed for cash prizes!

The work of the silver medalist of the 2021 tournament
Student Works:
All you need to get started is a computer, professional Blender 3D software is completely free
Our Teachers
Methodist and teacher in 3D modeling.
University of Nicosia with honours
PSU computer security
Has been teaching at ROBOlab for 3 years
Game designer, works with game balance, story and dialogues.
Wargaming Academy
Creates 3D novels
Designs characters
Specializes in creating stylized characters and hard-surface models for games.
Indie projects
Chameleon42 3D-character artist
Development of maps for Standoff 2
Game designer, works with game balance, story and dialogues.
Children's APE teacher
Sketches for commercial use
Develops art for large companies
Specializes in creating stylized characters and hard-surface models for games.
3D modeler in indie projects
Art Studio, 3D design studio
Zulfat, 15 years old
Lavrentiy, 14 years old
Alex, 17 years old
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