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  • 9-15 years
  • Comics
  • International Certificate

Comic Book Creation

Do I need to be able to draw if I want to do comics?
[Beware, spoiler!]
9 months
Comic book
1 time per week

Comics are a form of art, a way to express yourself, to tell your story, to explore your fantasy.

Comics combine scriptwriting, drawing, directing. They help you communicate better, think outside the box, and explore new worlds.

On the course we will: come up with scenarios direct stories learn to draw make new friends
About course in numbers:
months the comics course lasts, including practical and theoretical classes
blocks in the course on various topics from the basics of drawing to creating your own style
hours of theory, where the basic principles of drawing will be studied in an easy and interesting way
hours of practice where the students can find their style and develop hidden talents
Already at a free trial lesson, the students will create their first real 3D model
Who is this course for?

Boys and girls aged 9-15 who love to draw or just dream of learning. Who like the comics industry, cartoons or game stories.

No special skills are required, even if the child has never drawn anything - he will be able to find his own style: we teach from scratch.

— — it is a universal art form that opens the way to a whole range of creative professions
Course Creator
For the past 10 years he has been working as an artist and illustrator of comics and has collaborated with such large companies as Desyllas Games, Dufry, NOUNOU, ION and AEK, as well as the G. Gunaro Museum. Published many books. Draws comics for Oops Comics Publications and also teaches comic book creation in the art workshop "Zografizo"
Vakalo College of Art and Design
Comic book artist
Two Greek Comics Awards
Course Creator Works
Anastasia loved it and I was pleasantly surprised. I just wanted to find something for her to do, and in the end, she became very creative and the activities gave her a very positive impulse.
Hey!! My sons loved the lesson! Keep going, pay later today! :) Thanks for trying so hard to find something for them, have a nice weekend! :)
Thank you for the opportunity to work on the course. Sofia loves classes and will continue!!!
Thank you very much!!! The daughter had a great lesson and she wants to continue.
Good morning! Dima likes it very much, even though he is small, but he himself asked to register for the course, we continue to pay.
Dear Robolab, good evening, Nikita had a great time in class, I asked him right after and he said he wanted to keep studying, he saw the work of his teacher and was very impressed!
Hello, from what Volodya told me, the lesson was very interesting, and he would very much like to continue.
Yes, my son really likes the classes and he will continue to study on the course.
ood morning. Will the course run throughout the year? We would like to continue. Danya was excited!
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