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Computer literacy

We learn to use modern programs and applications with benefit for study and everyday life and critically evaluate information from the Internet
9 months
2-5 projects
8 modules
How the training is conducted:
We search, analyze and arrange information in accordance with the task: text, table or graphically
We understand how to recognize files by their extension, how to protect yourself from cyberbullying, how to share information and why cloud storage is needed
We learn to type quickly, work with spreadsheets, communicate effectively in social networks, by mail and in life and prepare cool presentations
Course program:

The course consists of 8 modules, in each of which children get acquainted with different digital spaces.

Using the learned tools, from the first lessons children create their own comics, games, groups in social networks, reviews of their favorite movies, presentations with infographics and much more!

9 months
8 modules
5 projects
48 hours
Who will benefit from this course?

Boys and girls aged 7-9 who are interested in modern technology, gadgets or computer games. No special skills other than a superficial acquaintance with a computer are required: we teach children from scratch how to work with modern programs, Internet security and digital creativity.

What will the child learn?
How to work with text documents, graphic editors, tables and infographics. How to use cloud storage and set up sharing for collaboration. How to build and moderate communities and post personal information responsibly. How to design presentations and deliver them confidently in front of a live audience.

Classes are held on a special platform, you do not have to download additional programs.
Students' works
Studies Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Nicosia
University of Nicosia
Manager of online communities of interest
Three years of teaching experience
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