• Course
  • 8-12 years
  • Scratch
  • International Certificate

Programming on Scratch

Creation of different projects: from simple animation to games and cartoons
9 months
2-5 projects
8 modules
How the training is conducted:
We will teach you to understand the logic of algorithms without immersion in complex programming languages and develop your own programs in Scratch
We will go through the full cycle of creating a creative project "in an adult way": from the idea and plan to interaction with the team and presentation.
We will collect a portfolio of 2-5 projects, including a business card with animation, a cartoon with voice acting and a multi-level game with obstacles.
Course program

The course consists of 8 modules, and at the end of each of them the child will present his project.

A future eco-activist will create an online garbage sorting tournament, a CS:GO fan will come up with his own version of the game, and an aspiring polyglot will develop a simulator for learning English.

9 months
8 modules
5 projects
48 hours
Who is this course for?

Boys and girls aged 8-12 who are interested in modern technologies, gadgets or computer games, dream of learning to program or simply tend to be creative.

No special skills are required, and coding experience, a “technical” mindset and an A in math are not required: we teach from scratch.

Classes are held on a special platform, you do not have to download additional programs.
Student works
About the teacher
Develops training courses. Organizes hackathons and conducts cyber tournaments.
NRU HSE Fundamentals of Pedagogical Activity
Teacher of additional education
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